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posted on April 15 2019

Oh to be an Instagram Mom, whether you like to show it warts and all or only post the good times– motherhood on Instagram is in good company. Here’s some of the ladies who lighten our feed. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Chelsea Jean Aaron – @chelsea.jean

We adore this mom of five. For a start check out the photo below of her skateboarding; bare foot, pregnant and holding a child in her arms. She truly is the definition of a ‘Cool Mom’. Along with her husband, she home-schools all of her kids in Hawaii to be able to live their adventurous lifestyle. Oh how jealous we are! Her husband Ryan (@mauiryan) runs their YouTube channel (The Aaron Family) where you can see family videos from hiking up mountains with all FIVE kids to their daily vegan diet lifestyle. They also bring little Henry (their dog) everywhere too. We can’t deal with how sweet this family is. 

Pictured below – Chelsea + bump, Charlie Rose, Cash, Benny, and Jack.

Innika Choo – @innika 

Australian-born, Bali-based designer, Innika Choo creates hand-crafted smocks that perfectly befit the exotic climate she lives in. Her three children are kitted out in the same colourful, embroidered uniform, and are regularly pictured wandering the Balinese markets and green fields with Choo. With 77.5k followers on Instagram she uploads her life daily, posting videos on her story of her mile-high pyjama party and her holiday antics. We wish we could be a fly on the wall in her life! When asked what she missed most about Australia she said, “KFC chips with extra salt (no where in the world does those gosh-awfully-delicious-devilish-potatoes the same way.)” We can’t help but laugh that she misses chips the most. 

Natalie Lee – @stylemesunday

East Londoner Natalie Lee has two girls, who she refers to in a comical way “the ratbags”. Her Instagram account is a vibrant romp of her life as a mother and blogger who encourages mums to celebrate the uniqueness of themselves, and their children (her eldest daughter has a rare genetic condition called Brittle Cornea Syndrome.) She recently checked New York off her bucket list and documented the trip on her Instagram highlights. 

Whitney White – @naptural85

Graphic Designer, Vlogger, Blogger, and Natural Hair Enthusiast! Whitney is also a wife in her twenties, married to loving husband, Filipe, and a proud mother of a beautiful baby girl, Olivia, a gorgeous son, Theo and two kitties: Chubs and Bella! Her YouTube channel uncovers her life of testing new products for natural hair raising baby Theodore and eating princess Olivia’s birthday cake. Not only do we enjoy seeing her make her kids happy, we also admire her kind heart. Whitney regularly donates and supports Epiphany School. Epiphany is an independent school for children of economically-disadvantaged families in Boston with financial aid for all students. Such an inspiring mother to follow and a great role model to her adorable kids.

Clemmie Hooper – @mother_of_daughters

Clemmie Hooper’s mission is to persuade millennial mothers that childbirth is a positive, beautiful experience. She expanded her blog Gas & Air’ into a pregnancy bible, ‘How to Grow a Baby’ – And ‘Push It Out’, this year. We particularly love her ‘Birthing Tips’ which she has added as a highlight to her Instagram. These quick tips would be great for any first time moms or any moms who have some how forgotten the excruciating pain of childbirth and need a refresh on how to get through. It’s great to see a regular mom with a normal job (midwife) still rocking Instagram and motivating her followers. We love that her photos and life updates are always personal, relatable and genuine. 

Оксана Кобелецкая – @odessafiver

Mamma to five children – Quintuplets. Living in Ukraine this mom definitely has her hands full, after not being able to conceive. These babies were conceived by the method of artificial insemination (IVF).The twins were given the names of Vlad, Denis, Alexander and Dasha, the fifth baby was named David. Sadly her husband left her when the babies were just six months old. We admire the strength and kindness this single mom has. 


Keeundra Hatley-Smith – @Keeundra_s

Mother to Instagram sweethearts Knixia and Knaomi (@knixandkna). Keeundra regularly uploads their family antics to YouTube (the Knixia and Knaomi show). Keeundra has developed a very personal relationship with her followers and has recently spoken about her experience of having a miscarriage. We support her in speaking out about a situation that is often not talked about and we applaud her confidence for sharing her story. Below are her healthy daughters age 1 and 2.

Miki Miljian – @likemiljian

This Family decided to pack up everything and travel the world, and currently in Florence, we can’t help but be tempted to do the same sometimes. Daddy J is the eye behind the camera, Mommy Miki turns the experience into words, Teo is the great artist and Lia the entertainer. They regularly update their travel journal but you can also find daily adventures on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Miki as a child used to wait for the sun to set so she could see her dancing steps reflecting on the window panes from within her room. Vintage soul, summer is her season and the sun is her best friend. 

Pictured below – Miki, Teo, Lia, Julien.

Cadence – @cadencia

A family portrait photographer in Maui, Hawaii. Cadence believes in the power of a story and creating artistic images. She loves to remind people through photos that despite the craziness of the world and all the things that go along with having a family, a relationship, a kin – the love is there! It’s real, it’s tangible. She shares many inspiring and just drop dead beautiful photos on her Instagram. We particularly love that her photos are of real moms in their element doing mom things. 


Kristyn Cole – @kristyncole

Interior Designer momma of two always shares her wonderful family life and mom experiences on Instagram. She explains in one post, “When Karsyn was born and I would breastfeed in public I would always get stares like no other. 3 years later I find myself breastfeeding LO while shopping in Target and I had people offering to help get things off shelves for me and helping me unload the groceries into my car.” We really love how open and confident Kristyn is about breastfeeding as any mother should be. It’s such a natural process and the only source of food for some babies, moms should never feel ashamed about feeding their child. Below is baby Kaydyn.

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