100 Uncommon and Trendy Baby Boy Names

What’s in a name? Well, for your special little one, it feels like everything! When you’re pregnant, you may experience intense pressure to pick the right name for the sweet life growing inside of you. You start imagining yourself calling out for them when dinner is ready or their school notebook coming home, the name you’ve given them written boldly across the top. Every corner we turn to buy baby gear, we feel overwhelmed when adding a name to the item or publishing their monogram on the tag. But what if we haven’t picked the right one yet? Especially for us moms, we feel like it should just float to us in a dream. We may even question our connection to the pregnancy if we’re struggling with names. After all, aren’t we the person in the world who knows them best?

Naming your newborn is almost like giving them their first gift. You choose their name for a reason. Perhaps it’s a family tradition, or maybe you are the first to break away from the mold of conformity. We have hopes and dreams behind the names we give our children. We pray they’ll follow the meaning of the moniker, like Ace, meaning “number one,” or Evander, means “good man.”

The times and events going on in our world often impact the trend of popular names. Right now, it seems uncommon and trendy names are all the rage! Whimsical and nature names are trending, with traditional titles being pushed aside. News and culture still have a large influence. The children of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West brought a mix of biblical back in the conversation, naming their sons Saint and Psalm. The media storm surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle put Archie, their son, and we’re sure soon Lili/Lily, at the top of many expecting mother’s lists. Whatever the reason for the name you’ve chosen, your child will spend the next years of their life unwrapping the gift of who they are and what the name they were given says about them.

Here is a list of 100 uncommon and trendy boy names!

100 Uncommon and Trendy Boy Names

  1. Ace
  2. Adlar
  3. Adonis
  4. Archie
  5. Arlo
  6. Ash
  7. Aspen
  8. Atlas
  9. Banks
  10. Bay
  11. Bridger
  12. Callum
  13. Cedar
  14. Creed
  15. Cruz
  16. Damon
  17. Dax
  18. Deacon
  19. Eamon
  20. Elon
  21. Enzo
  22. Evander
  23. Fitz
  24. Forrest
  25. Foster
  26. Gael
  27. Gideon
  28. Grady
  29. Grove
  30. Hale
  31. Hamilton
  32. Hayes
  33. Henry
  34. Hendrix
  35. Idris
  36. Indiana
  37. Irie
  38. Jaala
  39. Jaggar
  40. Jaman
  41. Jeriah
  42. Jesus
  43. Jett
  44. Kai
  45. Keegan
  46. Kobe
  47. Knight
  48. Landon
  49. Lark
  50. Leif
  51. Leo
  52. Mateo
  53. Marsden
  54. Memphis
  55. Miller
  56. Nash
  57. Nazir
  58. Nelson
  59. North
  60. Nehemiah
  61. Night
  62. Odell
  63. Otto
  64. Orion
  65. Oxford
  66. Parker
  67. Paul
  68. Pheonix
  69. Porter
  70. Prince
  71. Psalm
  72. Qais
  73. Quillian
  74. Quentin
  75. Rael
  76. Ranger
  77. Reign
  78. Ridge
  79. Rhodes
  80. Rollins
  81. Sage
  82. Saint
  83. Scout
  84. Shepard
  85. Stone
  86. Storm
  87. Talon
  88. Terrance
  89. Timber
  90. Tyrell
  91. Urie
  92. Utah
  93. Uziel
  94. Valen
  95. Viktor
  96. Wade
  97. Wolf
  98. Xavi
  99. Younis
  100. Zeppelin

The names on this list are bound to turn heads and gain intrigue. They are a mix of strong and interesting, dubbing them the most uncommon and trendy baby boy names to give! The boys who tote these names will be sure to wear them well!

Want more baby names? Check out the hottest 100+ baby names for 2021 or the coolest baby boy names. Happy naming!

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