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Are you expecting a baby or adopting and looking for elegant names? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered the best elegant names for girls and elegant names for boys below. These names draw inspiration from literature and history.

My name, Lauren Elizabeth, made the list. My youngest daughter’s name, Charlotte, also made this list of elegant baby names. Most of these graceful, elegant names are English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Scottish, or Welsh in origin.

Here is our list of the most elegant names!

Elegant Names

Elegant Girl Names

Shakespeare fan? You might like Bianca, of The Taming of the Shrew fame, which means “white,” Imogen, of Cymbeline fame, which means “maiden,” or Juliet, of Romeo and Juliet fame, which means “youthful.”

Gardening or outdoor enthusiast? Try Daphne, which means “laurel;” Fiorella, which means “lovely flower;” Florence, which means “blossoming;” Giada, which means “jade;” Jemima, which means “dove;” Lauren, which means “laurel plant;” Lilliana, which means “lily;” Olivia, which means “olive tree;” Rosalind, which means “beautiful rose;” Silvia, which means “forest;” Tabitha, which means “gazelle;” or Violetta, which means “violet flower.”

Beachgoer? Consider Cordelia, which means “daughter of the sea;” Coty, which means “coast;” Genevieve, which means “white wave;” Margot, which means “pearl;” Maria and Mireille, which both mean “star of the sea;” or Meredith, which means “guardian of the sea” and “great ruler.”

Religious? You might like Caterina or Katherine, which both mean “pure;” Christiana, which means “follower of Christ;” Daniella, which means “God is my judge;” Diana, which means “divine;” Donatella, which means “given by God;” Elizabeth or Isabella, which both mean “devoted to God;” Giovanna, which means “God is gracious;” Josephine, which means “Jehovah increases;” Romilly, which means “God’s beloved one;” or Virginia, which means “chaste.”

Or you might consider Emmanuella, which means “faith;” Evangeline, which means “good news;” Grace, which means “blessing or favor;” Marvel, which means “miracle;” Sophia, which means “wisdom;” or Verity, which means “truth.”

Expecting during the holiday season? Try Natalia, which means “born during Christmas.”

Want a name befitting a female warrior? Consider Brigitte, which means “strength,” Louisa, which means “famous warrior,” or Victoria, which means “victory.”

Do you or your partner have Scottish or French roots? You might consider Caledonia, which means “from Scotland,” or Francesca, which means “from France.”

Best Elegant Girl Names

  1. Alexandra
  2. Allegra
  3. Anais
  4. Anastasia
  5. Angelica
  6. Annabelle
  7. Antoinette
  8. Aria
  9. Artemis
  10. Aurelia
  11. Beatrice
  12. Bernice
  13. Bethany
  14. Bianca
  15. Bijou
  16. Brigitte
  17. Caledonia
  18. Camilla
  19. Camille
  20. Candida
  21. Carina
  22. Caroline
  23. Cassandra
  24. Caterina
  25. Cecelia
  26. Charlotte
  27. Christiana
  28. Claire
  29. Clementine
  30. Cordelia
  31. Coretta
  32. Coty
  33. Daniella
  34. Daphne
  35. Delilah
  36. Diana
  37. Dior
  38. Donatella
  39. Eleanor
  40. Elizabeth
  41. Eloise
  42. Emilia
  43. Emmanuella
  44. Emmeline
  45. Evangeline
  46. Evelyn
  47. Evianna
  48. Fiorella
  49. Florence
  50. Francesca
  51. Frederica
  52. Genevieve
  53. Giada
  54. Giovanna
  55. Grace
  56. Gwendolyn
  57. Gwyneth
  58. Henrietta
  59. Hermione
  60. Imogen
  61. Isabella
  62. Isla
  63. Jacqueline
  64. Jemima
  65. Jolie
  66. Josephine
  67. Juliet
  68. Katherine
  69. Lauren
  70. Lillian or Lilliana
  71. Louisa
  72. Luciana
  73. Lucinda
  74. Lydia
  75. Madeline
  76. Margot
  77. Maria
  78. Marvel
  79. Meredith
  80. Mireille
  81. Natalia
  82. Octavia
  83. Odette
  84. Olivia
  85. Ophelia
  86. Penelope
  87. Rebecca
  88. Romilly
  89. Rosalind
  90. Sarah
  91. Seraphina
  92. Serena
  93. Silvia
  94. Sophia
  95. Tabitha
  96. Valentina
  97. Verity
  98. Victoria
  99. Violetta
  100. Virginia
  101. Vivienne

Elegant Boy Names

Shakespeare fan? You might consider Montague, of Romeo and Juliet fame, which means “pointed mountain.”

Outdoor enthusiast? You might like Ashby, which means “from the ash tree;” Barden, which means “living near a boar’s den;” Bertram, which means “bright raven;” Bradford, which means “wide river crossing;” Bradley, which means “wide meadow;” Cielo, which means “sky;” Dylan, which means “son of the seas;” George, which means “farmer;” Leonardo, which means “lion;” Oliver, which means “olive tree;” Orlando, which means “famous land;” Orson, which means “bear cub;” Philip, which means “lover of horses;” or Pierre, which means “rock.”

Religious? Try Amadeus, which means “beloved of God;” Barnaby, which means “son of prophecy;” Daniel, which means “God is my judge;” David, which means “beloved;” Giovanni, which means “Jehovah has been gracious;” Ian or John, which mean “God is gracious;” Matteo, which means “gift from God;” Michael, which means “who is like God;” Miles, which means “gracious;” or Theodore, which means “gift from God.”

Expecting twins? You might like Thomas, which means “twin.” Here is a list of other wonderful twin names!

Want a name befitting a warrior? Consider Alasdair, which means “defender of mankind;” Baldwin, which means “brave and bold friend;” Edmund, which means “wealthy protector;” Edward, which means “wealthy guard;” Gerald or Geraldo, which mean “ruler of the spear;” Montgomery, which means “manpower;” Randolph, which means “strong warrior;” Roderick, which means “famous power;” Sanders, which means “defender of mankind;” Vincent, which means “conquering;” or William, which means “resolute protection.”

Or you might like Aldrich, which means “old ruler,” Frederick, which means “peaceful ruler,” or Richard, which means “dominant ruler.”

Do you or your partner have French roots? You might consider Francis, which means “Frenchman.”

Best Elegant Boy Names

  1. Alasdair
  2. Albert
  3. Aldrich
  4. Alfred
  5. Amadeus
  6. Anthony
  7. Archibald
  8. Ashby
  9. Asher
  10. Atticus
  11. Aubrey
  12. Augustus
  13. Baldwin
  14. Barden
  15. Barnaby
  16. Bartholomew
  17. Benjamin
  18. Bertram
  19. Bradford
  20. Bradley
  21. Broderick
  22. Charles
  23. Cielo
  24. Clarence
  25. Clement
  26. Constantine
  27. Cyril
  28. Daniel
  29. Dario
  30. David
  31. Dominic
  32. Dylan
  33. Edmund
  34. Edward
  35. Edwin
  36. Egbert
  37. Emerson
  38. Ethan
  39. Ezra
  40. Fabian
  41. Francis
  42. Franklin
  43. Frederick
  44. George
  45. Gerald or Geraldo
  46. Giovanni
  47. Graham
  48. Gregory
  49. Griffin
  50. Gustav
  51. Hanson
  52. Harris
  53. Henry
  54. Horace
  55. Hugo
  56. Ian
  57. Ignatius
  58. James
  59. John
  60. Julian
  61. Laurent
  62. Lawrence
  63. Lawson
  64. Leonardo
  65. Matteo
  66. Maximillian
  67. Michael
  68. Miles
  69. Montague
  70. Montgomery
  71. Mungo
  72. Nathaniel
  73. Octavius
  74. Oliver
  75. Orlando
  76. Orson
  77. Percival
  78. Philip
  79. Pierre
  80. Quentin
  81. Quincy
  82. Randolph
  83. Richard
  84. Roderick
  85. Roland
  86. Rufus
  87. Rupert
  88. Sanders
  89. Sawyer
  90. Sebastian
  91. Simon
  92. Sterling
  93. Stuart
  94. Tancred
  95. Tennyson
  96. Theodore
  97. Thomas
  98. Vincent
  99. William
  100. Xavier

Are you looking for more baby names? Try Classic baby names, Preppy baby names, or popular baby names with great nicknames for inspiration.

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