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5 Best End-of-Year Teacher Gift Ideas

5 Best End-of-Year Teacher Gift Ideas

As the most epic school year comes to an end, many of us have a newfound appreciation for our teachers. This year especially, they have adapted to have lessons via Zoom, changed their kitchens into virtual classrooms, worked hard to make in-person learning safe for our children, and may even be juggling a hybrid of both. As a parent, we always want to share our appreciation with our children’s teachers before the end of the year. This year, maybe more than ever, a thoughtful teacher gift or token of appreciation would go a long way.

Coming from a family of educators and working in the classroom myself, the thought is truly what counts in this instance. Creating a heartfelt and practical gift, one that can be used in the classroom or help a teacher’s day be a little brighter, is all they need. Below is a wide range of gifts that will make them feel appreciated and loved.

Best Teacher Gift Ideas

1. It’s All in the Note

Personalized Stationary

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The simplest yet most thoughtful gift I ever received in the classroom was a simple note. Whether it is handwritten by the parent or the student, a personal note of appreciation is simply priceless. To make this even more special, writing on personalized stationery would be a nice touch. This also allows the child to continue creating special notes.

2. Part of Your Story

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A teacher becomes part of our child’s story. What is more appropriate than giving them a book to remember your child by? The possibilities are endless on how to add to your teacher’s library, but again, making it personal would be a nice touch. One of my favorite books for a teacher is Because I had a Teacher. It is just so fitting for this occasion. Another way to have them remember your child is to give them a copy of your child’s favorite book from the school year with a note inside.

3. Pretty Little Treasures

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Who doesn’t love a pretty little gift? There are so many options that would make this a thoughtful and long-lasting thank you to your teacher.  This charm bracelet is a darling way to say “thank you.” Instead of accessories, how about a pouch and notebook set to hold their treasures. Whichever you choose, these practical but cute teacher-themed gifts will be appreciated.

4. The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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It may seem impersonal, but the number one gift most teachers would request is a gift card. Giving a gift card to your local Target, restaurant, or even nail salon will allow your favorite teacher to treat themselves when otherwise they wouldn’t. If you want to make a cute duo gift, creating a themed gift with the card is a fun way to wrap it!

To the coffee connoisseur teacher, place a gift card to their favorite coffee shop in one of these cute personalized coffee cups! They will be the talk of the teacher lounge! This is also a great option if you have a male teacher. Place their favorite gift card into a yeti mug and ensure their coffee to be hot all day long!

For the more fashionista teacher, place a gift card into one of these stylish wallets. It is two gifts in one and makes for such a nice gesture.

5. Keep It Practical

Personalized pencil pouch

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This year has certainly shown us that practical needs in the classroom have shifted. We no longer are searching for a pencil, but hand sanitizer, masks, and wipes! These things are now a daily part of our teachers’ days, and to give a gift that will either make it easier for them or brighten their day, is a fun way to embrace our “new normal.”

We may be more in-person with learning, but mask-wearing seems to still be around. Creating a personalized mask for your child’s teacher is a cute way to embrace this new fashion statement. Other ways to keep things practical in the classroom may be a hand sanitizer holder, face mask chain, or a personalized pencil pouch that can be filled with teacher survival products.

No matter what you choose to give as a token of your appreciation, educators alike will thank you for remembering them. When selecting a gift for your teacher, do not forget all those who also have a daily impact on your child’s school day. A simple thank you note to the bus driver, secretary, lunch aid, and even principal will not only let them know how much they are valued but will also TEACH our children how to admire those who help us daily.

To thank someone who has such an impact on our children’s lives can be overwhelming at times. It can feel like there is no gift great enough to thank them for the job they do daily. These simple yet thoughtful ideas will go a long way in thanking them for all they continue to do, year in and year out!

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