Best Baby Books and Journals

A goal of every parent is to keep a baby book or journal for their little one, recording all of the milestones, big and small, to treasure the memories for years to come. But parents are busy people! Please don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t have time to keep a baby book. There are all sorts of ways to pass down memories. But hopefully, one book here catches your eye. We have also added some simple journals and even an app that takes a few moments to complete. There are also some options that you could start at any time!

Are you looking for a place to start recording memories for your little one but are not sure exactly what type of baby book you are looking for? Are you looking for more flexible options that will only take a few minutes out of your day? Are you looking for a more traditional baby book option? Look no further in this roundup of baby books and journals. Hopefully, one of these will pique your interest and be a good fit for your precious memories.

Best Baby Books and Journals

A Letter to My Baby

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This book allows you to write letters to your baby and seal them to be opened on a specific date when they are older. I love this time capsule approach to a baby book. Some of the prompts include “on the day you were born…” and “my wishes for you are…” I love the concept of this book because there is no specific time frame around it. You can write letters as you have time! I think this would make a particularly special graduation gift for your son or daughter, and have them open notes that you wrote for them on special days like their graduation day and their wedding day.

Lucy Darling Baby Book

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This is my favorite traditional baby book and what we chose to use for our boys. There are places for photos and short responses to prompts like “you don’t like…” and “you love…” It comes in several different themes as well! Even better, the book does not just end when your baby turns a year old. It has space to record memories until your child becomes school-aged and lots of blank pages in the back for special photos or other notes. A perfect companion item to this baby book is the HP Sprocket printer, which prints photos (with a sticky back!) that fit perfectly in the photo spots in this book.

As You Grow

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A fun twist on a traditional baby book that can capture memories from birth to age five! This book is also aesthetically beautiful and a unique, gender-neutral choice.

All About Me

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You can choose from one of three themes for this book – floral, adventure, or woodland. With simple prompts and plenty of space for your photos, this book will be perfect for your little one’s special memories.

The Short Years

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This is a simple, app-based baby book that you can complete in just minutes once a week. It is expandable to include the baby years and the toddler years if you choose that option – allowing space to record those moments that you never want to forget.

Mom’s One Line a Day Journal

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This journal spans five years and allows you to write one line per day to reflect on the day and note something special, memorable, or funny about your child. It is simple yet powerful to have five years of daily memories upon which you can reflect. This is another book that would make an amazing milestone gift for your child as they get older. You could keep up with this journal and start a new journal every five years to capture every stage of childhood!

Personalized Story of You

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A completely customizable option, down to the colors of the pages inside the book, this is a beautiful book with your child’s name printed on the front in a gorgeous script font. It is a truly beautiful baby book to hold your memories.

Love + Wild

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This gender-neutral option is available in five different colors. Spiral-bound pages will give you places to record all of your memories from birth to age five. There are prompts for your journaling and space for unprompted thoughts.


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This journal comes with a pen and keepsake box and has space to capture memories through when your child is 18. One book for so many memories all in one place!

My Baby Journal

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Another beautiful hardcover baby book with simple prompts and plenty of room for photos. This book is structured in 4 sections: pregnancy, your baby’s first year, milestones, and space for memories from toddlerhood until they go to school.


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This is a digital baby book for the busiest of moms. You are texted prompts by Qeepsake that you respond to via text message. You can also add photos and other notes by using their app or texting Qeepsake. At any time, you can order a printed book including all of the photos and memories shared via app or text message. This is so incredibly simple and is a great way to keep a baby book of memories but outsourcing most of the work!


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Another digital baby book is right at your fingertips. There is an iOS app, so even if you only have a few minutes in your day, you can take a moment to answer a prompt or upload a special photo. You can then print a customized hard or softcover book when you are ready!

The Story of You

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This gorgeous baby book is available in many colors. It’s an interactive photo journal filled with thoughtful prompts to help document your baby’s first year. From their birth story to the mini-milestones of each month, there’s a place for you to record every special moment. Celebrated for its timeless design and premium materials, it’ll tell your family’s story for years to come.

Kept Collection Book

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This book is one spot to record memories from birth to age eighteen. Not only is this book aesthetically pleasing, but it also has unique writing prompts and is designed to truly focus on your child. As your child gets older, there are also questions to ask of your child and write down their response so that you can record their memories in their words.

Le Petit Baby Book

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With its whimsical cover, this is a perfect baby book for parents-to-be. There are a few envelopes inside to hold special keepsakes, such as ultrasound photos or locks of hair. A unique feature is the pull-out growth chart, where you can record your child’s age next to their height!

The Baby Memory Book

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With a gorgeous linen cover and spiral binding, this baby book is another great option for recording precious memories. It is also gender-neutral, so it is a perfect gift for those parents-to-be waiting to find out the gender.

Bobee Baby Journal

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Available in two different color schemes, this baby book is a sweet and simple way to record monthly memories and milestones for your little one. From birth to age five, capture photos and memories for your family to cherish for a lifetime.

A Keepsake Box

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This is a unique way to store memories for your baby and pass down those special baby items to your kids when they are adults. What a treasured memory to have to look back through these things with your parents reminiscing about the good old days. Tucked away in my children’s keepsake boxes are items like their hospital bracelets from when they were born, their coming home outfits from the hospital, and special works of art that they have created.

Do you plan to keep a baby book for your little one? Do you have a baby book of your own from when you were growing up? Have you ever used one of these baby books, and do you have any feedback? Are there any other great books that we should have on our list?

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