Best Baby Tracking Apps For Busy Moms

As an overwhelmed mom of a newborn (or infant, or toddler), you might find yourself asking – how many wet diapers has my baby had today? When did I last feed them? How many ounces did I pump yesterday? When are they supposed to roll over? Is my son or daughter developmentally on track?

Being a new mom is hard enough. Let an app do the work for you when it comes to tracking their daily activities and developmental milestones. Here are the best tracking apps for busy moms!

Best Baby Tracking Apps

Best Daily Tracking Apps

Baby Tracker – Newborn Log

As the name perfectly describes, this is an app for tracking all things baby. Diapers, feedings (breast or bottle), pumping schedules, naps, and other vital information such as the baby’s growth, health history, and medications. You can even track customizable milestones such as “Baby’s First Steps” and upload photos! This app is simple to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

Huckleberry Baby & Child

The Huckleberry app is one of the best apps when it comes to optimizing your baby’s nap. For $9.99 a month, you can subscribe to Huckleberry Plus, which will give you your baby’s Sweet Spot® for their nap(s) and bedtime. The Sweet Spot® is based on age-appropriate wake windows. It literally takes all the guesswork out of nap timing! For $14.99 per month, Huckleberry sleep experts will develop a sleep plan for your little one. This app also tracks feeding, diapers, and growth. This is the app that I personally used because of the Sweet Spot® feature.

Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

You may have used the Ovia Fertility app to track your cycles while you were trying to conceive. Or maybe you used Ovia Pregnancy during your pregnancy with your little one! Getting week-by-week updates until you delivered. Ovia will still be here for you once your baby has arrived. Their app tracks feedings, diapers, and naps, so you don’t have to.

Glow Baby: Newborn Tracker Log

Glow Baby is a beautifully designed app where you can track your baby’s day-to-day activities, including solids! They have a great way of tracking all of the different foods your baby has tried once they start on solids.  The unique differentiator of Glow Baby is that they have a community of over 20 million moms who use the app whom you can interact with on the app via message boards.

Sprout Baby

Sprout Baby has all of the features you’re looking for with a tracking app and then some. It has all of the basics, such as diapers, feeding, and sleep. One differentiator is that Sprout Baby has a built-in section for tracking developmental milestones. Another bonus is that Sprout Baby is compatible with Siri, so you can log diapers or feedings without ever picking up your phone! This is the app that our edit, Nina—The Baby Chick, uses for her little ones!

Best Development Tracking Apps

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app is excellent for tracking your baby’s developmental leaps. These leaps can cause some strange behavior in your baby, and this app is incredibly informative in explaining what your little one is going through, so you can better support their development. Leaps were always confusing for me to navigate with my son, and having the insight that this app provided helped me understand his little mind so much better!

CDC’s Milestones

The CDC’s Milestones app is designed to help parents and caregivers assess their child’s development against age-appropriate developmental milestones. You can assess your child as early as two months, all the way through 5 years old. The app is a simple checklist of easy-to-track and monitor these developmental milestones. If your child is not meeting some of the milestones, it’s a great tool to bring to your pediatrician to facilitate discussion around your child’s development and seek other professional help if it is needed.

Baby Sparks

For children ages 0-3, Baby Sparks is a comprehensive tool that will help you track developmental milestones. It contains daily activities that you can do with your little one to best support all areas of development. The app contains videos as well for ease of use. Baby Sparks is a subscription-based app that costs $4.99 per month, although some of its content is free!

ParentPal: My Parenting Expert

ParentPal is a guided app that will help you plan developmentally appropriate activities for your child and assess and track monthly development. While the focus of this app is on developmental support, a parent can even track daily activities such as naps, diapers, and feeding. This app was developed in partnership with the creators of Baby Einstein, so you know the content is great! The app does require a subscription which costs $12.99 per month.

Keeping track of your baby or toddler’s daily routine and development has never been easier, thanks to these apps. Which do you use for your kiddos? Is there one we missed?

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