Crayola color wonder paper alternative

Crayola wonder paper is an amazingly creative, and educational tool for kids and toddlers. It allows children to explore their creativity through coloring. It is designed to be used with Crayola markers and crayons.

Keeping kids occupied and entertained can sometimes be very messy. Unlike traditional coloring books, the good thing about Crayola color wonder paper is that it doesn’t stain, it’s washable, and hence kids can use it again without creating a mess.

But is there an alternative to Crayola color wonder paper? If you are looking for a Crayola color wonder paper alternative, here are some options from Amazon;

Crayola color wonder paper alternative

While Crayola color wonder paper is very common among coloring enthusiasts, there are other alternatives that can still do the work completely or almost like Crayola color wonder paper.

NuFun Activities Mess Free Paper

A great alternative to the Crayola color wonder paper is the Nufun Activities Mess Free paper on Amazon.  The mess-free paper set comes in 50, 100, and 200 blank page options with six markers.

Just like the Crayola color wonder paper, the NuFun activities mess-free paper is compatible with all Mess-Free markers and the ink will only show up on the drawing paper hence no mess on clothes, skin, or furniture.

You can also print out your favorite drawing on any Laser printer or standard Inkjet printer and hang it in your living room or bedroom.

The sheets are also non-toxic, making them safe for small kids who like ingesting play tools.

Wax Paper

Crayola color wonder paper alternative

While this may not work exactly like Crayola color wonder paper, it offers an affordable and easy-to-use alternative.

Wax paper is a popular kitchen ingredient used to protect food from air exposure and also used in crafts due to its non-stick and moisture-proof qualities.

This Reynolds Cut-Rite Wax Paper on Amazon is a great alternative that can be used by kids to carry out their crafts.

The wax paper is disposable, making it easy to discard when kids mess up. The only disadvantage of using wax paper is that it can be messy compared to Crayola color wonder paper.

To avoid the mess, if you use a permanent marker, you will have to wait until the ink is fully dry to touch your drawings. Otherwise, wet ink will smear on the paper creating a mess.

To succeed using wax paper, the fine-tip permanent marker can be used to trace the outlines while the broad-tip permanent marker fills in the broader areas of color.

LCD Writing Tablet for Kids

Another great alternative to the Crayola color wonder paper is the LCD Writing Tablet for kids. In this case, the drawing would be digital instead of hand-drawn drawings like in the case of Crayola paper.

Digital drawing is becoming a favorite for many kids as it makes things mess-free compared to physical copies that could create a littering mess around the house. It gives kids the flexibility to draw and erase drawings instantly.

The beauty of working with a tablet is that they can work on their drawings from anywhere: the floor, bed, couch, out in the garden, in a vehicle, etc.

An example is this Tekfun LCD tablet on Amazon which comes with an eye-protection screen enabling kids to use it for a long time without straining their eyes. It is also very lightweight and portable, making it easy for kids to carry around in their school/travel bags and also use outdoors.

Another key feature that stands out for this gadget is it being waterproof. It makes it suitable for small kids who might accidentally or intentionally get it into contact with water.

Other features worth noting on this LCD writing tablet are;

  • Long battery life and the option to replace the battery
  • No blue light emission hence protecting kids’ eyes from the glare
  • Range of color options for drawing
  • The key lock button prevents accidental erasing of drawings


You can nurture the creativity and self-expression of kids using play toys like the Crayola color wonder paper. You can also use other alternatives like the LCD writing tablets for kids, wax paper or the NuFun activities mess-free paper. Like the Crayola color wonder paper, they also offer kids a fun and creative environment to do their coloring.

Most of the time, kids and toddlers having fun can be equaL to a mess around the house. However, with specially formulated paper and mess-free markers, you can rest assured that your walls and furniture will be intact even as the kids have fun coloring.

With digital options like LCD writing tablets, there is no wastage of paper hence no mess from strewn waste papers around the house.

Crayola color wonder paper is a perfect playing tool for a mess free and fun coloring experience for kids and toddlers to practice their motor and creative skills.

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