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posted on May 28 2019

A collection of articles, and different literature about Parenting that may make you laugh and hopefully inspire you to try something new.

1. Pump. Pack. Ship. Milk Stork 

Have you ever been on holiday or at work and had to pump and dump your milk for your baby or not pumped enough for the duration you are away? Well, Milk Stork is a new service that’s pretty clever for busy mothers who have to travel without their babies. Mothers can pump as much milk as they want and pack it in a cooler to be sent to home, a hotel, or to anywhere that is needed. With simple instructions on how to pack to keep the milk cool, to coolers in the transportation vehicles, and being able to pump in the privacy of your own space, this new concept is ideal for working mothers. One step closer to the quest to having it all– be a mom and have a career.



2. Why Not Let Children Choose Their Own Names? 

Here’s some child led parenting to the extreme, some folks are waiting to name their kids until they are old enough to decide for themselves. But according to one expert, Dr. Lieberman, “these parents are rebelling against tradition just for the thrill of it without realising how much they are harming their kids.” 

Dr. Lieberman goes on to say, “children who have a place holder name or no name would feel like they have no identity and would surely suffer psychological problems.” A man named J. Martin Griffith was given the choice of choosing his own name at birth and to this day he still struggles on making the big decision on what it should be. He tried names that began with J and names that didn’t start with J, but nothing stuck. Today he is called Marty or Martin by friends and family but he still hasn’t settled on it. 

Take a look at the other people’s stories and see how not having a name at birth impacts a child for the rest of their lives.


3. ‘Just try it’ – How to help a child eat healthily

Childhood obesity has never been this high. But Leeds has recently implemented some practical advice and has managed to reduce their childhood obesity rates by 6.4%. 

This article outlines some practical ways to encourage children to eat healthy and explain how these changes will not just happen overnight. It is something that will grow gradually and must be patient throughout it.

Having trouble getting your child to eat healthy food? With all the tasty looking foods that are not good for you being advertised and eaten by others around you, it is no easy feat to get your child to eat food that is healthy and maybe not so visually appealing. 

On tip is to give children an input into what they eat from an early age, by offering a choice of two healthy options. Hmm carrots or broccoli little Johnny which one do you like?


4. Smacking Children should be banned

Is it okay to hit your children? It’s amazing what I thought was a dead certain no, is not always the case. It’s actually legal in the UK to smack your kid as reasonable punishment. This really shocked me. Thank goodness we’re starting to look at changing this– Wales is first in line and has a proposal to ban smacking children.

Psychologists around the world are saying that smacking children can impact their mental health and encourage violent behaviour. Parent’s and carers are legally allowed to smack children lightly if it can be “reasonable punishment”, according to Children Act 2004. In many countries such as Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Germany, and Portugal have placed a ban on smacking children. 


5. How to raise successful kids — without over-parenting

Over parenting can stress kids and be counterintuitive– In fact Julie Lythcott-Haims gave this amazing TED talk where she explains how to raise a successful child, without over-parenting and you know what the secret is Unconditional Love! By using humour and wit, Lythcott-Haims explains to parents how test scores and grades do not describe your child. She goes back to the basics and explains how the simple concept of unconditional love can help a child’s development and lead them to great success. 


6. How to Help Kids Learn to Love to Give

Is your child good at sharing? I had to remind my nine year old that sharing is a lesson we tend to learn when we’re two and that she needs to work on it! Jason Marsh explains how his seven year-old daughter had no interest in helping or giving to those in need during the Holiday Season. He explains how part of the reason was his daughters motives and the other part may have been how he was as a parent. Giving back is extremely important to creating a well functioning society and it makes us feel good. How can we instil this in our kids?

As Lara Aknin, an assistant professor of psychology at Simon Fraser University in Canada says, “I think helping our kids experience the happiness that comes from giving to others is probably one of the most valuable ways we can nurture generosity in them. It sets off this positive cycle: Giving makes people happy and happiness promotes giving.”

Find out ways in which Jason helps a child learn to love to give. 


7. Tips on how to introduce a new baby to their siblings

This huge right of passage is one lots of growing families fear. Imagine you are an only child and then your parents bring a baby home. It’s only natural to think about how to balance jealousy with love. And the amazing guys at What to Expect have drawn up a super easy guide on how to help make the transition smooth for everyone.

Introducing a baby to their siblings is a crucial step in developing the bond between the children. This step is often one that parent’s fear the most and spend a lot of time worrying about. However Kim Conte, the author has some very smart and easy ways to ease the transition– she recommends developing a bond between the two while the baby is still in mummy’s tummy. And suggesting the older sibling pick out a unique present for the new baby. So what if I bought my brother a dog toy, we stopped at a convenience store on the way to the hospital and the toy was a cute purple bear and squeaky and became my little brother’s favourite. 

This is a great read for any little family getting bigger. 


8. School Snack Selection 

Ever have trouble selecting school snacks that are healthy and comply with all the allergy rules? Like everyday? Chewymoon is quite clever, they try to fix this with a subscription service–  sign up to a 3, 6 or 12 month plan for ordering a variety of school snacks. Each month you can select different snacks and mix and match to suit the taste buds of your child. To trial the selection, you can order a trial box for £0.99. We might just have to trial these guys. One less thing to think about…

To organise your first shipment or order please visit the website.




9. Shy Children and how to get them out of their shell

Being shy and quiet are not a bad thing and often times works best for the child. However as a parent it is hard to sit back and watch your child become stressed and full of anxiety when in a social interactional situation. Often times as a parent in these situations we step in and help the child but it is important to force the child to learn how to fend for themselves and speak on their own accord. In this article Dr. Fisher, a clinical psychologist publishes his findings on how best to gently coax children out of their shells. One example is placing the child in an activity or club of something they like or are interested in. For example if a child is sporty and likes athletics, place them in an athletics club. As Dr Fisher says, “Athletics offer interaction with other kids and can really boost self esteem.”

Find out more ways to get your shy child out of their shell.


10. The Importance of Travelling with your Children

Going on a trip with your children of yes please. Turns out it’s also super educational, well thank goodness because it is hands down one of my favourite things about life. I am always telling my daughter, there is a whole world out there. We only know a little bit about a little corner of it– Experts say that it is one of the most important activities you can do as a family. It is a great way for a child to learn a whole bunch of different skills that can be used through out their life. It open’s their eyes to new opportunities and ways of living. It’s not just having memorable experiences together but it’s also a way to learn to celebrate differences and explore the unknown! 

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