How Long-Term Singleness Can Be a Calling of Beauty and Dignity

If Christians felt free to ask if God is calling them to long-term singleness, single people could come together as something of a “chosen family.” 

For example, I am currently a part of a community called the Nashville Family of Brothers. We are a group of men discerning whether God is calling us to long-term singleness, and if so, is He calling us to be a part of this family? 

We have regular rhythms as a house, including daily morning prayer, three shared meals per week, monthly worship nights, and vacations and holidays together. However, we are all involved in our own churches, have our own jobs and enjoy fellowship with our own distinct friend groups and communities that we are connected to.

If you or someone you know is interested in something like this, it would be worth connecting with a pastor or spiritual mentor who can give you guidance in how to pursue intentional community. Forming a community like this is not easy, but if done right, can bear an amazing witness for Christ.

For many, long-term singleness conjures up images of despair, loneliness and an awareness of what you are not experiencing: marriage and children. However, I hope you are leaving this page with a different perspective on what long-term singleness can be. A dignified and viable calling, with the chance to serve God’s kingdom in great ways and an abundance of non-traditional families. Is it difficult? Sure. Worth it? Absolutely.

If you have never wrestled with whether God might be calling you to long-term singleness, a good place to start could be to connect with an advocate through the Spiritual Growth and Guidance Center | Cru. Wherever you are in your faith journey, an advocate can help you progress toward your next best step of faith.

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