Humor and Heart Collection from Workman Publishing

When a woman is expecting or has a new baby, it’s common and wonderful for her loved ones to bring her a gift. Usually, that gift is something for the baby. These gifts are so appreciated. And you know what else is also appreciated? A gift just for mom too. We’ve found a great bundle to give if you’re a loved one searching for a fun and unique gift for an expecting or new mom. It’s the Humor and Heart Collection bundle from Workman Publishing. This funny and heartwarming book bundle features three outstanding (and hilarious) books about motherhood, parenting, and raising children.

Whether you’re looking for a baby shower gift, something to drop off to your neighbor and her new baby (along with a hot meal!), or simply want to treat yourself to a good laugh (like me!), the Humor and Heart Collection bundle contains three books that are perfect for the expecting mom, mom with babies, or mom with young children in her life.

Humor and Heart Collection Bundle

The Humor and Heart Collection bundle includes There Are Moms Way Worse Than You by Glenn Boozan, A Modern Parents Guide to Nursery Rhymes by Jennifer Griffin, and Mom Milestones by Grace Farris.

A Modern Parent’s Guide to Nursery Rhymes by Jennifer Griffin

Pregnant woman sitting down reading a nursery rhymes book

A Modern Parents Guide to Nursery Rhymes: Because It’s Two O-Clock in the Morning and You Can’t Remember ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ by Jennifer Griffin has over 70 classic children’s nursery rhymes, poems, lullabies, rounds, riddles, songs and more. It should be on every child’s bookshelf or bedside table, ready for mom at bedtime.

The book is even great for when you’re pregnant and trying to remember the different songs to prepare to sing to your little one. If you’re unsure how the tune goes, A Modern Parents Guide to Nursery Rhymes features downloadable recordings. I also love the visual effects, particularly the book’s pastel colors and cute graphics. It’s perfect for placing on the bookshelf in my daughter’s bedroom. When I’m tired after a long day, I simply open the book and get all the lyrics and lines to my childhood favorites! She loves music and thoroughly enjoys us opening the book and singing together.

One of my favorites is “Alouette,” a song about a lark being plucked before being cooked (pleasant, I know). The song is featured in both French and English translations. It even includes vocabulary translations, so my kiddos get exposure to new languages. I have fun “plucking” (okay, tickling) them while singing!

There Are Moms Way Worse Than You by Glenn Boozan

Woman sitting on the floor in her closet reading a book and holding a chocolate bar.

Glenn Boozan, 2022 Writers Guild Award winner and well-known comedy writer, researches the worst animal parenting habits in the natural world and proves that human mothers are, by comparison, really killing it. Her book There Are Moms Way Worse Than You: Irrefutable Proof That You Are Indeed a Fantastic Parent is an adult picture book fantastic for moms of little ones. It made me laugh out loud! Here are some of my favorite examples:

An image of the inside of a book.

Worried about your kids fighting in the back seat and that time you screamed at them to stop? Well, stop feeling guilty because “[a]n eagle mom believes in survival of the strong. She’ll let her little eagles fight until the death (how wrong).”

An image of the inside of a book.

Hilarious animal cartoons and rhyming ditties take the edge off of those rough days when we question our parenting skills. This book is just the reminder moms need that everything is going to work out. The book is a comedic and encouraging gift that, like a breath of fresh air, reminds us that we are doing the best we can. For instance, are you feeling guilty that you haven’t cleaned the house? Well, “Sexton beetles raise their kids in a decomposing mouse.” It can’t get much worse than that!

Mom Milestones by Grace Farris

As new parents, we track our little one’s big steps and discoveries. But what about the growth that happens in moms once the baby arrives? Enter Mom Milestones by Grace Farris.

Mom milestones book on a table with some goldfish crackers, a teether, and pacifier clip laying next to it.

This is a sweet book filled with honest takes on the feelings, fears, and joys of being a mom to babies, toddlers, and young children.

Overhead shot of the inside of the book and woman's hands holding it on her lap.

I love the unique perspective that Farris so beautifully captures. From the quirky and on-point illustrations to the names of her chapters (chapter one is called “Newborn Mom,” while chapter six is “Elementary School Mom”), she takes us on the endearing and funny journey that is motherhood. I felt seen and validated repeatedly with touches on our collective “first sleepless night” and how to coax a preschooler into taking medicine. And don’t forget shared mom dislikes such as “emptying the lunchbox.” Yup, exactly!

There’s no manual for parenting. But this laugh-out-loud book chock full of pictures will certainly remind you that you’re not alone on the journey! This is the perfect book for a mom-to-be or a new mom who needs to feel less alone in the big, wide world of motherhood.

Books on a bookshelf

Whether you’re looking to laugh out loud and be reminded that you’re not a bad mom or simply celebrate some universal modern-day mom milestones from newborn to elementary, the Humor and Heart Collection Bundle has got you covered! I’ve found it to be a great gift to give expecting and new moms and know your loved ones will too. Get your bundle here!

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