Is It Ok To Mix Formulas for Baby? Learn What’s Safe and Not

Mom’s Question:
I give my baby Similac but the daycare gives him Good Start. Is it ok to mix formulas like this or will it hurt my baby’s tummy? I am worried that he will get tummy pain or not get the nutrition right if the formulas are mixed. Is it a problem?


Easy Baby Life:

What Baby Formulas Can Be Mixed And Not

ok to mix baby formulasPractically all formulas sold today are good for your baby and contains the nutrition he or she needs. This, however does not mean that mixing them without some extra thougths will be OK.

There is a clear difference between mixing brands and mixing types of formula.

Mixing formula brands, but for similar types of formula, is not likely to be a problem as long as your baby accepts both brands – not to be taken for granted!

On the other hand, mixing formula types, can be a greater challenge. As you may know, there are many different kinds of formula, from the ordinary milk-based formula, to very specialized ones, such as hydrolysate formula and soy milk formula.

Many babies can, in theory, digest and thrive on all these different types, but since their digestive systems are immature during the first few months, staying with a type that works well is a reasonable choice. Also, many babies will object to the new taste of a different type of formula… Actually even switching to another brand, but the same type can make your baby protest (OR will make your baby finally accepting formula, if that’s a problem).

If your baby has tummy issues, such as a lot of gas, constipation, or even infant colic, then switching to a different kind of formula (for example lactose-free) can make a world of difference. In such a case, do not switch between different kinds once you have found one that works. It is even worth bringing your own formula brand and type to daycare, to make sure your baby gets what actually works.

For babies with cow’s milk allergy or lactose intolerance, the type of formula should not be switched, obviously.

So in conclusion, yes, you can mix formula brands without harming your baby as long as you do not notice feeding or pooping issues from the mix. Just make sure you know what type of formula you are feeding your baby and stay with a type that works for your child.

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IS it OK to mix formulas – Conclusion

So, in short:

  • If your baby has NO tummy problems, NO allergies or intolerances, you can basically mix any formulas you want, a long as they are age appropriate. But there is no guarantee that your baby will approve the new taste.
  • If your baby does have certain issues and therefor some type of special baby formula, it is safe to mix similar formulas by different brands, but NOT different types of baby formula.
  • It at all in doubt, talk to your baby’s health care provider.

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