Kam Williams & Leroy Garrett – Podcast Ep 94

Becoming a parent is, in my opinion, the biggest moment in a person’s life. Your life will never be the same in all the wildest and best possible ways. Today’s guests can relate to this and I am so excited to have them both here on the show, Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett!

Kam is from New Jersey and Leroy is from Las Vegas. They both come from the reality TV world—Kam was originally on Are You the One, and Lee was on The Real World. The two met while they both were filming the show The Challenge on MTV. They’ve been together ever since and now reside in Houston, TX, where they recently welcomed their first child, their adorable son, Kingston. I had the honor of being their birth doula during their pregnancy and birth of Kingston and had the immense pleasure of getting to know these incredible people. We had to have them on the show to get a peek at what new parenthood has really been like.

Today I am chatting with Kam and Leroy about their journey to becoming parents. They’re sharing what the pregnancy was really like, what their biggest challenges and best moments have been so far as parents, and they’re even sharing what some of their favorite baby products are too! This power couple is an incredible duo. You’re sure to find yourself laughing and relating with me throughout this episode. If you want to continue to follow their journey, be sure to check out their accounts below:

  • Kam William
  • Leroy Garrett

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