Little Citizens is in Ireland after all

posted on March 16 2019

The term luck of the Irish comes from the gold and silver rush years when Irish treasure hunters struck mining riches. There is something a little bit magical about Ireland. A visiting friend once felt it as a vortex of energies. The magic and luck is so widespread that when it comes to St Patrick’s Day I think less about Ireland and more about the way the world celebrates the culture of Ireland on this day. And I mean everywhere. I remember what a huge event it was in Buenos Aires and New York and not to mention Boston. It got me thinking how lucky we are living here. Yes the weather is crap, but that keeps the fields green and the souls hardy. We are surrounded by seas and fresh air and self deprecating happy humour. And then there’s Guinness of course. So we consider ourselves good fortuned and want to encourage you to visit us in store someday soon and visit Ireland. Wishing the luck of the Irish to you and a Happy St Patricks Day!Celebrating all things Irish-- Emerald Isle St Patricks Day

1. Green Tutti Frutti Ark Money Purse, £12.50 | 2. Green Silicone Teething Necklace, £18 | 3. Green Armchair Footstool Doll House Furniture Set by Lundby, £26 | 4. Dolly Long Sleeve Organic Cotton Tee in Emerald Green by Siaomimi, £34 | 5. Green Fern Handmade Felt Doll by Ambrosius, £9 | 6. Moss Green and Blue Pocket Money Purse by Ark, £8.50 | 7. 1939 Classic Green Pedal Car by Baghera | 8. Pocket Microscope by Tobar, £6 | 8. Good Luck Clover Card from Letterpress, £3

Celebrating all things Irish-- Emerald Isle St Patricks Day

Celebrating all things Irish-- Emerald Isle St Patricks Day


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