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posted on April 02 2019

New Vilac for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

Our kids are like our time capsules. Think of what you cherish from the world and pass it on!  

For example physical and optical illusions, any toy that plays with our senses is special to us at Little Citizens. Some of these style of toys were invented a long time ago and we don’t want them to go extinct. Maybe because we can now do things electronically means the analogue version is that much more important. If our kids learn to code and move a character across the screen they first need to learn the basics of movement, cause and effect and simple physical rules.

Parallel Bars Ring Master Wooden Toy by Ingela Arrhenius for sale at Little Citizens

With toys like the Acrobat Man  and rolly polly Acrobat on Bars little ones will use their hands and eyes to test different amount of pressure and the relative cause and effect. Push or press and watch these roll and flip. It still boggles the mind to see these simple action and reactions being caused by our own subtle movements. 

SHOP VILAC and pass on what’s great for future generations to treasure.

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