Rediscovering YOU After Baby – Podcast Ep 93

Having a baby is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, day of your life. It’s when you meet the little person you have been growing inside of you that you couldn’t wait to meet. It’s when you experience all the emotions and are so happy that they are finally here. And once they are here, the postpartum period begins, and not only do you meet your new baby, you begin to meet a new you. Holding your precious little one makes you realize that as you’re learning about them, you are also rediscovering you after baby.

Today we have the privilege of having Dr. Ashurina Ream on the show. Dr. Ream is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified in perinatal mental health. After struggling through early motherhood herself, she knew there had to be a better way. She has taken everything she has learned from her own experiences and evidence-based research to help other moms navigate this time. This is how she started Psyched Mommy. She offers great information, tips, and resources through her website, courses, newsletter, and social media.

In this episode, Dr. Ream is sharing about rediscovering you after baby. Dr. Ream believes every mom deserves to be honest about how they feel and met with total support — judgment-free! We are so happy to have her as our guest, and we know that you will leave this episode feeling better about prioritizing yourself, setting boundaries, learning how to deal with all the emotions, and more.

Resources Dr. Ashurina Ream Recommends

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