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posted on July 10 2019

We love that Lottie dolls are inspired in real children stories and model some of their dolls after their favourite little ones. In this case the Activist Doll is inspired by Mari Copeny and her amazing plight to bring fresh drinking water to Flint.

See any similarities between Mari Copeny and the Lottie Activist Doll?

Teen Vogue met up with Mari Copeny AKA Little Miss Flint at the Womens March in Washington DC not long ago. Watch this:

Activist Doll by Lottie for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

Little Miss Flit AKA Mari Copeny was at the forefront of the water crisis in Flint Michigan. When it was discovered that the public water had dangerous levels of lead that was giving people rashes and if drank could kill you. Mari wrote a letter to president Obama. He came to Flint to meet her. 

She told him how the water smelled like fish, feet and corn chips and bleach and everyone had to rely on bottle water. He ended up giving $100 million of government money to help Flint fix the lead pipes.

We love that she says that kids need to see themselves as superheroes. And couldn’t agree more, anything is possible, if you let yourself imagine it. 



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