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posted on March 07 2019

Pre-order Party Bags – Make Life Easy

 Custom made pre-filled party bags ready to go birthdays, weddings, travel

Life can be hectic, between work, laundry, homework, dinners and general life maintenance we’re torn between looking after ourselves and looking after others. I know I’m always weighing up give them the best childhood ever or don’t worry so much a little bit of normality raises resilient unintitled kids.

One thing that makes life easier–are our party bags. We can customise them to any age group and any theme. For example some of the themes we out together for our customers in the past are: Safari, Superhero, Scientist, Unicorn, Rainbow, Art, Seafaring and Sparkle.

You can chose how much you want to spend and we always go a little overboard and throw in a few freebies. All bags come sealed with a Little Citizens sticker and in funky candy striped bags that make you want to party as soon as you see them.

“I love Little Citizen party bags,” Zulema Age 9 “Everyone in my class said: oh my gosh those party bags were so cool!”

Below a sample of our party favours, from mystery pens, to digital watches to awesome tattoos. The cubed erasers are a huge hit and who could forget the Squishy calls, euuugh!

Custom Party Bags made for birthdays and parties by little Citizens Boutique

Party Bags custom made for kids parties.

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