The Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

Who doesn’t love getting a special delivery in the mail? After all, you are working hard to grow your own special delivery. There are plenty of challenging moments that will fill each trimester. Between insomnia, morning sickness, swollen feet, an aching back, and the fact that you are sacrificing your favorite cocktail AND your favorite cold cut sandwich for nine months – you deserve a treat. A pregnancy subscription box is a perfect way to pamper moms-to-be, and there are a lot of options out there to fit individual needs and styles.

From natural-minded to fashionistas and beauty gurus to health nuts, there’s a box for you. Mailed to your home monthly, bi-monthly, or each trimester, these subscription services help you gear up for your little one and enjoy and celebrate your journey. There are options for every budget and lifestyle with a range of prices (from $30 per box to over $100+ per box).

Choosing a Pregnancy Subscription Box

How can you choose the pregnancy subscription box that’s right for you? It’s important to consider what items a box will include and how frequently you’d like a delivery. If you’re a first-time mom, you may want to subscribe to a box that has a lot of essentials for a new baby. Still, if this is baby number two (or three or four), and you’ve got a lot of hand-me-downs and preferences for the products you’ve tested and know you love, it’s probably best to consider a box that’s more focused on items to pamper you. I also love that some of these subscription boxes really lean into the fourth trimester because I don’t feel that there is enough focus on the postpartum part after the pregnancy journey.

The products, themes, and topics introduced by some of these subscription services open up the conversation and make moms feel like they are a real part of a community, which is so important to overall mental, physical, and emotional health. Think about what’s important to you when making your selection, or choose a variety of boxes to mark each trimester. Don’t feel like splurging on yourself? Consider asking for a subscription box as a gift from a loved one, a spouse, or a close friend. Hey, there’s a lot of money you need to spend on making sure your baby has everything they need, but don’t neglect yourself during this special time. Celebrate your incredible body and this special journey. I promise: you deserve it.

Cropped pregnant woman holding a Bump Boxes subscription box.

I love this one because I received this subscription box throughout my pregnancy, so it holds a special place in my heart. It is a wonderful introduction to motherhood, and there’s a great balance of products for moms and their babes, too. From pregnancy-safe facemasks to belly scrubs to gender-neutral swaddles and organic baby balms, you can spoil yourself while also setting aside curated items for your bundle of joy to add even more excitement as your bump grows.

Cost and Frequency

  • Month-to-month ($49.99 a month for five items)
  • Six months ($42.99 a month for five items)
  • Nine months ($39.99 a month for five items)
  • 12 months ($38.99 a month for five items)

You can also bundle the boxes to receive them all at once for a reduced price. Or you can buy individual boxes.


Many items are great introductions to products you’ve never used or considered. This subscription box is a really nice step into motherhood for first-time moms who are unfamiliar with pregnancy-specific products (stretch mark balms, organic pregnancy-safe teas, etc.). Plus, there are often promotions on the Bump Box site for special discounts or freebie items to tack on, increasing the overall value of your subscription.


In my experience, some items (like healthy granola) are repeated. This can be frustrating, especially if it’s not an item you are a fan of. You can always let your partner or a friend enjoy the products you don’t love. Occasionally, delivery times can also be on the slower side.

Nurtured 9 pregnancy subscription box

Looking for high quality and luxury in your pregnancy subscription box? Try Nurtured 9 for full-size, high-quality, luxe, and classically beautiful gifts. This company is all about spoiling mom, so there are no special items for the baby on the way! The theme of these boxes is pregnancy-safe items to help expecting moms build soothing remedies and relaxing rituals into every trimester.

Big ticket items like luxury robes, luxurious belly oils, and rose quartz face rollers can be found in special themed boxes designed to make moms feel spoiled. Our Editor-in-Chief got to test out one of Nurtured 9’s boxes, and it’s now become her favorite to recommend to pregnant mamas!

Cost and Frequency

While most moms or gifters opt to purchase individual themed boxes from Nurtured 9 (like The Feel Good Pregnancy Box or The Sleep Well Pregnancy Box), there are a few subscription options:

  • One box for three consecutive months ($119 per month for a total cost of $357)
  • Three essential boxes over a six-month period ($86 per box for a total cost of $258)
  • Three elevated luxe subscription boxes over a six-month period ($139 per box for a total cost of $417)


This is a woman-owned and operated business, so you’ll be supporting a small all-female company with every purchase! Another plus? Each box is carefully hand-wrapped by the owners of the operation, who are more than happy to accommodate special requests, answer customer questions, or personalize a box to make the mom on the receiving end feel extra special and unique. Individually hand-written gift messages are also available by request, so if personalization is your thing, this is the box for you!


If you are interested in a subscription box that will cater to both mom and baby, this isn’t the right fit as all of the items are geared toward motherhood. Additionally, while the quality of the item selection is clearly superior, the price tag is pretty hefty in comparison to other pregnancy boxes on the market. This may mean it’s less financially feasible for some moms or that this is better suited for a group gift to celebrate a baby shower or congratulate a friend who is expecting.

Oh Baby Boxes

When moms want to be pampered without breaking the bank, this is the box for them! Each box is expertly curated and customized to each mom’s due date. This is a really fun feature of this subscription service. Between 6-8 full-sized pregnancy-safe, healthy, helpful, and fun goodies are sent in each box to support mommas throughout every stage of pregnancy, packing a lot of value into each delivery compared to many other comparable services. From organic belly oil and pregnancy-safe bath salts to nipple cream and snack bars, there truly is something for every mom to enjoy.

Cost and Frequency

Oh Baby Boxes start at about $39.99 for a month-to-month subscription. If you prepay for three months, the cost is roughly $38 per month. Prepaying for six months would cost $36 a month.


If you’re not 100% happy with your pregnancy subscription box or receive a box with damaged items, Oh Baby has a wonderful, responsive refund policy. Their goal is to create happiness (not extra stress) for expecting moms, and they live up to their word. Additionally, moms say the products are diverse, often practical, and the value is clear in the quality of the items they receive.


While most love this subscription service, some complain that the boxes contain mostly beauty items. If you are already a beauty enthusiast or are stocked up in that department, this might be a box to skip. Also, if you are experiencing pregnancy-related skin issues (extra sensitivities, breakouts), it may be best to stick with dermatologist-recommended items and skip this subscription since it will involve a lot of trying out new ingredients and products.

The Belly Bundle Box

Built by a group of moms for moms-to-be, this subscription box is all about celebrating women. With a goal of sending moms healthy, useful, and on-trend products, subscribers say opening each box is an exciting, trendy treat each month. Some items are for moms, and other items are for their mini-me on the way, with products like booties and onesies that are sure to excite any expectant parent waiting on their babe’s big debut.

Cost and Frequency

You can select month-by-month subscriptions for $39.99 or prepay for 3, 6, 9, or 12-month options to save a bit more upfront.


Subscribers get a good value with the quality of the items selected. Some of the finds in this subscription stand out as unique from other similar services. Moms rave about high-end candles, cute keychains, and mama embroidered baseball caps for those days when hairwashing is just not on the to-do list. If you’re into less beauty-based gifts and more personalized/useful in everyday life, this box may be the perfect fit for you.


While the items are primarily always on trend, some subscribers have experienced a repeat in the variety of products they receive over 12 months. A girl can only have so many water bottles, right? Additionally, if you’re not a fan of everything being branded with “mom” or “mama,” and you like more classic items that can be used and reused for years to come, this might not be the right box for you. Aside from these negatives, most moms seem overwhelmingly happy with the items they receive, the delivery process, and the customer service.

Stitch Fix Maternity

If you’re like me, you don’t want to invest much money in a maternity wardrobe. Cue this incredible subscription service with an entire maternity section designed to help you find the right maternity styles for your body and style! It offers access to a variety of comfy and cute styles without the hassle of waddling into the store and facing that dreaded harsh fluorescent fitting room lighting. There’s a fun and easy style quiz you need to fill out upon sign-up, and it will serve as the guide for your personal stylist in curating your boxes. Once you tell the Stitch Fix team your price range, style, and size, suggestions will generate. You’ll pay a $20 styling fee when your stylist begins, which gets credited toward any pieces you keep.

Cost and Frequency

Each Fix has a $20 fee, with free shipping and free returns. If you keep any items you’re sent, the $20 fee is deducted from your total, whereas if you send them all back, that $20 will be your only charge. If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount. You can schedule Fixes to be automatically prepared for you regularly or order them whenever you’d like — there’s no subscription required.


Reviewers love how user-friendly this service is. All five items in your Fix will come folded up and neatly wrapped in brown paper. Alongside your clothing items, you’ll find your receipt folded neatly in an envelope, a note from your stylist, some cards with visual styling suggestions, and a prepaid mailing label for anything you want to return.


You can’t keep the clothes for very long once you receive them. So, if you’re indecisive or need additional time to make up your mind, you might be out of luck with this service. Once you receive the maternity clothing items, you only have three days to fit and decide what you want to keep and check out online. Additionally, while subscription-based digital shopping is convenient, it can be exceedingly hard to shop online when you really start to pop. As much as in-person shopping may seem like a chore, it really may take a wide range of sizes to find the best fit as your belly grows. Some users are also weary of the high price points of the items offered.

Perelel prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamin selection can be a complicated and even overwhelming part of pregnancy. From the second you see those two pink lines on that first pregnancy test, it can feel like a rush of to-do’s flood your brain along with your excitement. What dietary changes do you need to make? What supplements do you need to be taking? Perelel takes all the guesswork out of prenatal vitamins because it is the first and only OBGYN-founded vitamin subscription on the market.

Another reason I love this subscription service (even for anyone who opts not to use it) is that their team of doctors and resident toxicologists have put in the work to identify the Unclean 15 – a list of potentially toxic, unsafe ingredients to avoid during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, and when you’re trying to conceive. You can enter the ingredient list on their helpful tool and make truly informed decisions about what you put in and on your body throughout your pregnancy!

Cost and Frequency

You pay $48 monthly for 30 daily pill packs, with an option to cancel the subscription anytime.


Because the vitamins are gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO, they suit many women. The no-nausea formula means the vitamins are also gentle on pregnant moms who are likely feeling regular morning (AKA all day) sickness. Another perk? Perelel’s algorithm will account for shipping time and will automatically move you into the next trimester pack as you start to approach it, so you’re always getting the perfect balance of essentials suited for you and your baby.


It’s always best to consult with your doctor and ensure you feel 100% comfortable committing to any brand of prenatal. While these packs are formed by a team of medical experts, they may not be the right fit for every woman’s lifestyle.

Moms + Babes box

This is a wonderful subscription box for moms with little ones at home, as it’s also designed to treat moms and their kids. This could be a great opportunity to generate excitement for the little one on the way. It’s also great to show extra love to the big brother or sister who may need additional attention and care. You will receive a box full of products for mom and babe. Plus, access to a members-only market where you can buy past-season products for up to 75% off is a perk. There’s also a private Facebook group for moms to get advice and talk about motherhood. This is an added community bonus worth noting.

Cost and Frequency

Each Moms + Babes Box costs about $55 and ships seasonally four times a year. The site claims every box boasts a retail value of over $200.


A unique collection of items to help mom unwind and relax while helping babes explore, learn and grow, this is a delivery for the whole family to get excited about sharing. Another big benefit users love is that there is a really high overall item value for the price of the subscription box compared to other similar services.


While there is a separate Just Moms Box subscription option, Moms + Babes isn’t the best subscription box if the goal is to pamper mom and surprise her with all the goodies. Additionally, some have been disappointed in the quality or thought process behind some of the products. One example is too-bright lipsticks that are low-quality and are less than practical for daily adult life with little ones. Another is specific flavored K-Cups for subscribers who may or may not have access or interest in single-cup coffee brewing.

The Stork Bag

I really appreciate this pregnancy subscription box because over 80% of The Stork Bag products come from women-owned and operated companies. How cool is that? Nearly all of the products are from small businesses that provide employment and give back to their local economies, so beyond feeling pampered, it’s a purchase you can truly feel good about investing in. With this subscription, moms will get five products per bag ranging from snacks to journals to natural pain relievers, making it the perfect selection if you want to explore a wide variety of pregnancy-safe items.

Cost and Frequency

There are multiple options to choose from:

  • Glow ($49 for five items)
  • Diva ($75 for seven items)
  • Luxe ($99 for ten items)

You can also bundle all three trimesters plus postpartum for each category, starting at $98. One box per trimester (including postpartum) is available, but bags are bought individually and not automatically shipped.


Subscribers rave about the variety of products they’ve scored, including:

If making a purchase that supports small, women-owned businesses is a priority, this box offers a perfect assortment you can feel excited about.


You don’t get all full-size products in these boxes. That means it may not be the best value subscription. Additionally, there is a large difference between the various levels (Glow to Luxe), so some subscribers feel a bit disappointed when they select a lower tier and see the items offered in the higher-end boxes. A few have raised concerns about the delivery time. So, if prompt packages are a priority, you may want to reconsider this service.

Mamabird box

Started by two sisters in 2015 who were on a mission to support other women as they navigate pregnancy, Mamabird has something for every mom to be. If you’re looking for a unique set of items perfect for pregnant women and new moms, Mamabird boxes include four to six items that even non-pregnant moms love using. Products are diverse and range from practical things like organic pregnancy-safe sunscreen, safe nail polish, and skin scrubs to ring dishes to let those swollen fingers breathe. Many find this subscription equally useful and enjoyable far into months of motherhood, too.

Cost and Frequency

Sign up to receive monthly boxes for $35.95 or a three-month subscription for $99.95.


Subscribers and gifters of the box rave that the items are hand-picked, thoughtful, and unique. Many moms love the level of personalization. Inside each box is a folded card with item info and a little note to you specific to that month of your pregnancy! Another pro? The company is committed to accommodating specific customer allergies or special needs.


Sometimes, specific items like dietary supplements or protein bars are included in the monthly boxes. Because certain boxes only include four items, it may be disappointing if you already have dietary supplements or aren’t a fan of a certain flavor snack.

Ecocentric mom box

This is the perfect box if eco-friendly items are at the top of your wish list. Each month you will receive five full-size lifestyle products. An ideal option for the environmentally conscious and green mom-to-be, this box will introduce products that many subscribers integrate into their lives postpartum. Not only will expectant moms get a mix of practical and pampering items, but you can feel confident in the items you’re putting on and in your body as you grow a baby. All beauty products included in boxes are cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic. Depending on your box type (you can select from mini, original, or premium sizes), your product categories will include beauty, bath, home, pregnancy, baby care, wellness, snack, and lifestyle accessories.

Cost and Frequency

Subscribe for $44.99 a month. The price lowers when you opt for longer subscription plans.


Reviewers rave about stellar customer service and prompt delivery time. That’s not always the case with subscription-based services! Others are really impressed with not only the thoughtful, curated items but the packaging. This might be the perfect pick if the presentation is important to you or the mom you’re gifting to.


Some subscribers have noted that items have been delivered damaged or broken on more than one occasion. This is something to be mindful of. Others also say they are underwhelmed with the variety of the items, with a heavy emphasis on skincare. If you’re looking forward to unwrapping more material items to celebrate your pregnancy (personalized bags, jewelry, etc.), this might not be the best fit for you.

Final Thoughts

Whatever box you select, there is a huge variety of options out there to sample. Subscription boxes serve as a welcome surprise to brighten the challenging days you’ll encounter during your pregnancy. They can also commemorate the highlights, like marking special trimester milestones ahead of many wonderful firsts you’re bound to celebrate with the arrival of your new little one. Most of all, these services represent a reminder to take time to focus on yourself, even if the baby is the star of the show. You are a rockstar, mom. Treat yourself with love, care, compassion, kindness, and maybe a subscription box (or two!)

This article contains affiliate links. These opinions are our own. However, if you buy something, we may earn a small commission, which helps us keep our content free to our readers. To see more of our recommended products, check out our Chick Picks Shop here. It’s our carefully curated shop of products we love and recommend!


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