The Best Shoes to Wear During Pregnancy

It’s the seventh month of your 9-month long pregnancy, and your body is starting to betray you. Your legs and feet are swollen, your heart is burning, and you’re hungry all the time. As our bodies continuously change while growing another human being, many of our lifestyles usually don’t. You still might be working full-time, running around after other kids at home, or just walking around your house daily. One thing’s for sure – you’re going to need something to support you while you’re supporting your growing baby. That all comes down to wearing the proper pair of shoes during pregnancy. This list will include some ideas of the best shoes to wear during pregnancy, whether you’re inside or outside the house (most options can work for either).

Best Shoes to Wear During Pregnancy

Birkenstock Arizona’s

White Birkenstocks

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A great option for both inside the house and outside, Birkenstocks are a supportive and comfortable sandal/clog that will keep your feet happy and healthy. They combine fashion and function and come in a wide array of colors and designs that will suit anyone’s needs and preferences. They typically come in a cork style footbed, with a leather or Birko-Flor (a soft non-leather material) upper, and will keep you comfy for days.

Birkenstock EVAs

Barbados EVA Birkenstocks

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Made with an EVA plastic material, this style of Birkenstocks can be great for the boat and/or the cottage during those summer days! If you’re looking for something lighter but want them to give you the same Birkenstock support, these are for you.

Sole Flips

SOLE Women's Santa Cruz Flip

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I’m sure your Pediatrist has told you to stay far away from flip flops, and they’re typically right. However – Sole’s flip flops are an exception to the rule. Choose from either full rubber or cork styles. In addition, Sole’s are wear-moldable, so they shape to the contours of your feet as you wear them! These are another great option for those pool or beach days.


Classic Print Waterproof Clog CROCS™

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Some might find the cork feel of the Birkenstock a bit heavy on their feet, and Crocs are a great substitute. They may not be the most stylish option, but we know your pregnant feet with thank you! They are perfect for both in-home and outdoor wearing and offer support while also maintaining comfort and style. Crocs make an array of footwear (sandals, heels, shoes, etc.). They are perfect for any event or activity you may encounter in your day-to-day life. Their classic croc style is very breathable and can help anyone experiencing hot or sweaty feet. Live your life on the wild side with their signature tie-dye or leopard print styles.

Dansko Clogs

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Another brand that carries all types of shoes, Dansko is a great choice – all of their shoes are great options for indoor or outdoor use; however, their clogs are in a league of their own. You can wear these daily to get that relief that your dear body needs!

Vionic Ballet Flat


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Looking for something to wear to your cousin’s wedding but trying to steer away from heels as much as humanly possible? Then you totally need these — their orthopedic design promises to cradle your feet in comfort wherever you might find yourself (and babe).

Faux Fur Slippers

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This might be something you’re currently wearing, but here’s a reminder: you should ALWAYS be wearing footwear in the house. Not only does it help prevent anything like slipping or tripping on hardwood floors, but shoes in the house also provides you with the constant support your body (and your baby) will need! When it comes to slippers, you want something that’s going to resemble a shoe as much as possible. I know from experience, my feet tend to be quite chilly in the house, especially during pregnancy. So a sandal isn’t usually a good enough option for me. You can still find slippers that have a tougher outer sole without being super flimsy and soft, giving you the most support possible while keeping your feet warm. Rock those slippers, mama (just maybe not your fluffy, fragile bunny ones!).

Ugg Slippers

shoes during pregnancy

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I know what you’re thinking – Uggs? Really? Really! These super-soft sheepskin slippers are the perfect shoes during pregnancy for anyone who might be prone to having cold feet in the house and want something to be stylish and warm! They also somehow remain light and airy on the feet too, which is a total win in our books.

Haflinger Slippers


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The Haflinger is another slipper option and one that you can wear inside and outside of the house. With their cork footbed and felt fabric, these are a really cozy choice that will keep your feet singing.

Allbirds Runners

Allbirds women's tree runners

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You may have noticed by now that these options haven’t included heels or flats. Newsflash: those will only hurt and not help you during your pregnancy. The fancy fashion shoe is fine for a few hours on the town, but you’ll want some supportive options for your wardrobe staples. Running/walking shoes are key when it comes to being comfortable as a new mama, and there are so many different options out there. These classic sneakers are light on the foot and made with breathable fabric. Bonus: they’re machine washable!

New Balance 840

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Runners are an integral part of foot, and overall body health, especially while pregnant, but not all running shoes are made the same. Made with your comfort in mind, the New Balance 840 comes in various lengths and widths to accommodate any foot type which makes it a great shoe to wear during pregnancy. Of course, staying active while pregnant is important, but having something supportive underneath you during any physical activity is even more important!

Saucony Echelon

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One of the top running shoe brands, Saucony, has got you covered with their Echelon series of runners. Also, coming in different lengths and widths, they use a technology called FormFit, which hugs your foot and makes it an extremely personalized fit. A bonus with these shoes? You can remove the inner liner to accommodate an insole (which is great for added support!)

Hoka Bondi 7


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Coming in an array of colors, the Hoka provides optimal comfort and optimal support. Its fabrication includes cushioned midsoles, a shock absorption system, and breathable mesh construction. It’s even approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) – add to cart!

Rothy Slip-Ons

Rothy's the sneaker

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If you’re looking for a cool, casual shoe to wear during pregnancy that can be worn any day, anywhere–these slide-on sneakers are a great option. Rothy’s is all about sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials with its products. People love them because their shoes are incredibly comfortable, sustainably crafted, and machine washable. These slip-ons are a stylish and practical option for every expecting mama.

Merrells Outdoor Shoes

Merrell Women's Siren Edge 3 Waterproof Shoe

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These can be slightly heavier than your average running/sneaker style, but Merrells are extremely durable. They can hold up against lots of different weather conditions and any adventures you may be into. Having a sturdy, outdoor shoe is also important to ensure yourself and your unborn babe’s health and safety. Rough terrain? Slippery sidewalks? Merrell’s are definitely your friend when it comes to certain situations. Snag yourself a pair of these shoes during pregnancy as more of a preventative measure.

After all of this shoe talk, you may be thinking, what on earth are you talking about? I’m pregnant, shoes are not my friend, and I’m way more comfortable being barefoot. Although you might feel more comfortable without shoes during pregnancy, over time, you may regret that decision as you put more and more pressure on your feet! Having support 24/7 is an integral part of keeping mom and baby safe, comfortable, and happy in the long run.

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