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posted on February 21 2019

Birth Photography Contest is an Amazing Window into the Miracle of Life

Birth stories are fascinating. If ever a lull at a dinner party, we highly recommend it. Okay we’ll leave that one with you. Labour is personal and different for everyone that is what makes it so special and such a wonderful reminder for families staring down the barrel of their due date that your labour will be your own. 

Once a hush hush or taboo subject, we kept this beautiful experience behind closed doors. For a long time even husbands didn’t dare come into the delivery suite. I remember as I was nearing my due date being told: it’s a bloody blood bath, get ready, it’s horrendous. But how can it be, if it’s natural? Birth is real, it’s raw and it’s somewhat out of our control. There is something bigger than ourselves at play.

There are emotions, exhaustion and feelings that you have never felt before. Like what are contractions anyway? But women have been bringing babies into this world for hundreds of thousands of years. With all the potential ups and downs of life and death, everything is on the line. And we have no option but to go through it. So isn’t it time we normalise it? 

Giving birth is a testament to how amazing the female body is, to life, to the precarious string between us and death and we should celebrate that. If we want to learn from it, we must embrace it, not shy away. 

Each year, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers hosts an Image Competition featuring the best in birth photography. As an online community of over 1,200 members in 42 countries, they host the competition to “share the beauty of birth with the world.”

Little Citizens wants to thank these amazing women, men, nurses, doctors and newborns who let photographers take their photo and share with the rest of the world something so intimate and magical. Thank you. 

Below are some of our favourites.

meg brock birth photography

Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie Cisse birth photography



mill dove birth photographyNurse-Linda - Little Leapling birth photographyPARTOGABRIELA daniela justus birth photographyNASCIMENTOISABELLA daniela justus birth photographybirth-photography-columbus-ga-ker-fox

“How Big?” – Meg Brock Photography

“Stunning Siblings First Encounter” – Marijke Thoen Photography

“Three become Four” – Esther Edith

“Flesh of my Flesh” – Esther Edith

“Take my Hand, Hold my Heart” – Milldove Photography

“Nurse Linda” – Little Leapling Photography

“En Caul Baby Birth” – Daniela Justus

“Birth of a Brother” – Daniela Justus

“Fist Bump for Mom” – Ker-Fox Photography


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