What to Expect During Labor and a Vaginal Birth – Podcast Ep 55

Over the past several months, Mary Alice and I have gone over “what to expect” in all the trimesters (first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester). Now we’re ready to talk about what to expect during labor and a vaginal birth!

Mary Alice and I both recently gave birth to our babies and we’re ready to share our thoughts and experiences about our deliveries. Mary Alice had an unmedicated hospital birth with her baby girl in December of 2020, and I, just a month ago, had another home birth with my second child, also a baby girl! We had different but powerful birth experiences and we thought it would be helpful to talk about our birth stories and share with YOU what you may expect during childbirth.

We both had vaginal births so this episode is all about what you may expect during labor and a vaginal delivery. We’ll be sure to do another episode in the future about what to expect during a cesarean birth. But until then, we hope you find this episode helpful (even though it’s a long one) and learn new things that can better prepare you for your baby’s big day. Let’s dive in!

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